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Godzilla 2012 Facebook Group Update - 500 Members And The Thread Of The Week!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

I want to apologize for the lack of posts over the past couple of days, and "Godzilla Toy Tuesday" will return next week. I decided to seize the opportunity due to the lack of Godzilla, or other Japanese giant monster news, this week to work on my other two blogs, "Monster Island News" and "Cryptomundo".

I did, however, think that it was about time that I posted an update on the Facebook group associated with this site, the very popular "Godzilla 2012 - Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros (Fan Group)".

Let's see, the last time I posted anything about the group was way back on April it been that long? At that time I was jumping-up-and-down because the number of members had reached '300'. Well, I'm happy to report that the group has sailed past the 500 hundred member mark to 543 members at this moment.

My thanks go out to all of you for joining!

As expected, due to the lack of news coming out of Legendary Pictures about "Godzilla 2012", the frantic pace of new members joining, new wall posts and new discussions has slowed to a more steady crawl.

Fans have taken the opportunity to post photos of their favorite Godzilla designs, both from films and fan made, in hopes of swaying the folks over at Legendary Pictures to either go 'retro' or with something new and unique looking in the new film.

One member, Anthony Acker , posted this pic of a rather peaceful looking Godzilla and King Kong holding hands. I'm sure that I speak for everyone when I say that I support peace in many forms, but I'm sure every red-blooded monster movie fan would rather see Kong and Big G throwing rocks at each other and smashing Nagoya Castle into balsa scraps.

That leads me to a feature I would like to start posting on a regular basis called "Godzilla 2012 - Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros (Fan Group) Thread Of The Week", where I post an entire discussion board post including replies.

This week, due mainly to the fact that a director for "Godzilla 2012" still hasn't been named yet, I have chosen - "Who will Direct?"

With 38 replies this has been the most active thread on the Facebook group so far.

Here we go!

Who Will Direct?

David Nunez I was wondering who will direct this new Godzilla movie? I think it could be an established Kaiju movie director like Kaneko. Nobody said it had to be an American director.

Kenneth Lee Hulsey Yes, this could be a 'make-or-break' decision! If the name Michael Bay comes up...I'm jumping off the Golden Gate!

Not likely to see a Japanese director here....going to be American for sure, but who could do a film like this justice?

David Nunez Thats a good question Kenneth if its an American director it has to be someone who knows the genre. Right now I cant think of anyone off hand.

Kenneth Lee Hulsey That would be the real problem, no American director knows how to do one of these. I can't see them bringing in someone from Japan.

Unfortunately, we Americans aren't very good at making giant monster flicks....well, not since the 60s anyway.

David Nunez Who directed Cloverfield? That was a good movie imo.

Mark Torchia I would love to see Matt Reeves (who directed Cloverfield) or even JJ Abrams himself handle this. They get Daikaiju Movies. They get the fans. They're "nerds" like the rest of us. LOL. far as JJ goes, isn't he exclusive to Paramount?

Kenneth Lee Hulsey Yes, they are hooked in with Paramount, but yes, those guys could do "Godzilla 2012" right.

Any other ideas?

David Nunez How about Quinton Tarentino or Tim Burton I have heard both of those guys like kaiju movies. But for now I like the idea of Matt Reeves or JJ Abrams.

David Nunez Reeves I mean

Kenneth Lee Hulsey Quinton Tarentino is an interesting choice! He said in a recent interview that he wanted to do a Godzilla film...and he understands Asian cinema......hmmm

My wild card was Norman England....he's an American living in Japan...he's worked on several Godzilla films.

Not a big name...but he has the credits.

David Nunez I didnt know Norman was a director? Wel he for sure could do it.

Kenneth Lee Hulsey Norman has been making indie films in Japan for a few years now...find a copy of "The iDol"...a very good film!

David Nunez You think Norman can handle a high budget movie? If so then he has my vote.

Kenneth Lee Hulsey He has been trying to get a big scale alien invasion flick made in Japan for a bit.

He once told me that he didn't want to do a kaiju he may not have any interest in this...

Bryan Singer or Christopher Nolan anyone?

Nolan has ties with Legendary and Warner Bros......could be?

David Nunez I get the feeling that Warner Brothers and Legendary want to make this Godzilla movie the right way so I think they will go with someone they feel could be qualifyed. I wonder who it will be?

David Belmont Montoya Maybe Tim Burtn could do Godzilla 2012 good. he's put godzilla cameos in a bit of his films, and he has the twisted mind to make Godzilla serious, yet action-packed.

Arlo Hansen While I like Tim Burton and many of his movies, I don't feel strongly towards him directing the next big Godzilla installment (sorry).

Quentin Tarentino I like for he has an understanding for Asian films and has wanted to make a Godzilla film for a while.

Christopher Nolan is another good choice for he did justice to the recent Batman franchise...but then again his films are too dark and serious and many people may want a balance between that and humor (like Star Trek or Sherlock Holmes). However if he can pull that off the he has my vote.

Peter Jackson is an unlikely candidate (for I hear he doesn't like Godzilla) but it would be an interesting hypothetical situation for he has a knack for pulling off EPIC movies.

Michael Bay........please shoot me if that happens, stick with Transformers pal!

J.J. Abrams would be one of my top candidates for this project but since he's exclusive to Paramount it would be very unlikely that he would be pulled into the project.

From what I have been hearing this movie is going to be a "modern epic" as well as a "reimagining of the original films" so I am expecting that Warner Bros. and Legendary will hire a director who has a broad understanding for the Godzilla series (unlike Emmerich) and is able to pull off a great story with morals, great human drama mixed with all that kaiju rampaging and battling we all love.

Overall , It would be cool if we saw either Quentin Tarentino or Matt Reeves direct it.

David Nunez I think the best thing Warner Brothers should do is get a well known kaiju movie director to direct the movie like Kaneko or Okawara. I would hope that the movie would be dark and horrific.

Ian Jentsch I wish Guillermo Del Toro could direct, but he's far too busy with The Hobbit and many other projects. He really understands monsters, plus his fantastic cinematic vision would be unique and cool for Godzilla, but still have nice retro feel to it.

Evan Brehany I think they are gonna go with an American director since the Japanese are going to have alot of influence over the producing. After all, they get to write the checks. ;) But seriously, I would like to see JJ Abrams take this. Just not in the same form as CLOVERFIELD. Traditional filming would be good. Other names could be Tarantino (if his idea is done correctly, I can see some pluses with his idea), Scorcesse (I've seen August explain this one), Burton (lots of fans are saying no to this), John Carpenter (I'd rather not, he's getting old and I don't want a death on set. FAV US DIRECTOR), and maybe the dude who did THE INCREDIBLE HULK and the remake of CLASH OF THE TITANS (I got a feeling it is going to be good). I say ultimately go with Scorcesse. He is the best in the line up, plus name recognition. Assured quality.

Though now... Mr. Nunez did bring up a good point. Being the Kaneko fanboy I am, I wouldn't mind him having his shot with a US film. After all GGOTU was successful here in the US - spawn a comic book series and toy line. Plus, I heard Kaneko does respect American filmmaking style and did a part in that movie NECRONOMICON.
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Charles X. Thao Me! I have directing experience and have been a Goji-fan since forever. Make it so fellow fans, and you will not regret!

Ian Jentsch I think some fans took Tarantino's "I have a Godzilla movie I really want to do" statement waaaay too seriously. Quentin also had a Bond film idea he "really wanted to do". The man's a fan who likes to share his fan-ficty ideas, that's all.

David Nunez Without egos getting in the way do you think this new Godzilla movie might have 2 directors? Or at least one director giving advise on Godzilla? Keep in mind this movie will also be seen in Japan. So it might be a good idea if it had some Japanese film influence.

Without a doubt some of the people from Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers have got to go to G-Fest 2010 this year for a Q&A session and hear what the fans have to say. I think this could help in getting the right director for the movie.

Evan Brehany When it comes to directoral influence, I hope Banno influences some. Tree huggers ftw!

Ian Jentsch You know just because a director has saids they like Godzilla, or they Godzilla movies had some influence on them when they were younger doesn't mean they're clammering to make a Godzilla movie.

Eric Chandler OMG there are so many directors out there picking one is tough, but I the person to know the material inside and out and have passion about it as well. If that makes sense. Heck if a woman directed this that would be surprised. So I really don't know, sorry.

Javier Antonio Munoz i really dont think the director is really the main focus the main focus should be a good writter to write a good godzilla script and allright for the terrantino rumors i wouldnt like him to take the helm i think he is to wild for a godzilla movie i really loved what shusuke kaneko did and admired what matt reeves did...beacuase if this godzilla movie changes everything than it will all be in vain just like Gino....what if toho could have kaneko and reeves do a colabotrtive joint

David Nunez I kind of like the idea of Kaneko & Reeves co directors for G2012. nice suggestion Javier. You also made a good point about who will write the story. I am kind of curious about that myself.

Domenic Betters I'm down with either Reeves since i loved Cloverfield.

Or the long shot of peter jackson doing it.

Javier Antonio Munoz Peter Jackson are you serious? he hella kan the only way king kong was made good was cuz of that hot blondy

Eric Chandler Who was the guy of directed Hellboy? I don't think he'll do it, but its a thought.

Jesse Laythe My top directors are:
Neill Blomkamp
Louis Letterier
Tim Burton
Martin Scorsese

David Nunez Well aside from Tim Burton which of those other director is a fan of Kaiju movies and might have some understanding of what makes a good daikaiju movie?

Erik Cornell Personally I would like to see Jan De Bont and maybe even Steven Spielberg directing the film together.

I truly felt that although De Bont's 1994 version of Godzilla was flawed origin wise, he PERFECTLY nailed it's personality and iconic character.

Javier Antonio Munoz i never heard of that guy

Erik Cornell He was originally supposed to direct GINO, and his version was infinitely better (though far from perfect)

Here is the synopsis of the version of the film he made:

Here is designs that where considered to be used in his take on Godzilla:

Want to get in on this one? Well, you can either go to to Facebook and join the group Godzilla 2012 - Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros (Fan Group) or continue on at the bottom of this post. The choice is yours!

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  1. how do i get a copy of the "peace" poster godzilla and king kong? can't find it on line anyware



Burbank, CA – March 29, 2010 – Legendary Pictures announced today that they will develop and produce a new film based on Toho Company’s famed GODZILLA character. Through the terms of the agreement, Legendary Pictures has acquired the rights to produce a movie inspired by Toho’s Godzilla, a franchise the Japanese company created and has nurtured for over fifty years.

Toho’s GODZILLA franchise boasts one of the most widely recognized film creatures worldwide, resulting in a series of books, television programs, video games and more than 25 films worldwide. Legendary intends to approach the film and its characters in the most authentic manner possible. The company will, in the near future, announce a filmmaker to helm the film for an intended 2012 release. The film will fall under the company’s co-production and co-financing deal with Warner Bros. Toho will distribute the film in Japan."

"Godzilla" is coming back -- this time, with Legendary Pictures taking the lead, co-producing and co-financing with Warner Bros. for release in 2012.

Legendary announced Monday it had obtained rights to the iconic monster character from Japan's Toho Co., which has overseen more than 25 "Godzilla" films. Toho will release the pic in Japan.

Legendary said it's planning to announce a director shortly.

In addition to Legendary, producers on the new film will be Dan Lin, Roy Lee and Brian Rogers. Yoshimitsu Banno, Kenji Okuhira and Doug Davison will exec produce.

"Godzilla is one of the world's most powerful pop culture icons, and we at Legendary are thrilled to be able to create a modern epic based on this long-loved Toho franchise," said Thomas Tull, Chairman and CEO of Legendary. "Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop-culturally relevant for as long as it has."

Legendary noted the film will fall under its co-production and co-financing deal with Warner Bros. Legendary's productions with Warners have included "The Dark Knight," "300" and "The Hangover."

Speculation about a new "Godzilla" has been active since last summer. The Bloody Disgusting web site reported in August that the project was in development.