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Godzilla (And Friends) In The News 05/11/10 - How Does King Kong vs Godzilla Rank Among Monster Battles? More Gamera And Kamen Rider DVD Stuff

Intro By: Ken Hulsey

Okay, I'm pressed for time taday, so I will let these articles speak for themselves.

Here is some stuff on classic monster battles, another outside Gamera DVD review, a news site just found out about "Godzilla 2012" (I know....where have they been?) and Kamen Rider comes to DVD!

Monster Vs. Monster: Greatest Evil-Menace Smackdowns Of All Time!

King Kong Vs. Godzilla

When did it happen? King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1962)

Why did they fight? Godzilla has fought a billion monsters by this point — but this is the main time that he went up against a major iconic monster, who had his own separate series of films.

Basically, a pharmaceutical company captures King Kong and brings him to Japan, where he falls to blows with Godzilla.

Who won? King Kong remains the King, baby!

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Gamera: The Giant Monster (DVD)
ComingSoon.net - Scott Chitwood

was a big Godzilla fan when I was a kid and my son has recently discovered it as well. He has become a super-fan of Godzilla and knows more of the monsters than I ever did. But I vaguely recalled a giant monster from some TV movies. I told him I remembered a monster that was a giant turtle and that it could pull in its arms and legs and fly. I was actually remembering "Gamera - The Giant Monster" which is now on DVD. In the way that "Battlestar Galactica" came along after "Star Wars," so did "Gamera" come along after "Godzilla." A competing studio wanted its own giant monster franchise and "Gamera" was the result of that. Unfortunately upon revisiting it again now, I think it's a poor substitute for "Godzilla."

While Godzilla was a cool giant dinosaur that breathed fire, this is a giant turtle. I don't care how you film it, Gamera looks pretty ridiculous walking around on two legs with a giant shell on its back. There's no way to make it look cool. And as if it didn't look silly enough walking around, in an effort to top Godzilla they made Gamera fly. When it pulls in its head and limbs and jets start shooting out, it's just mind-blowingly silly. And what does Gamera do when he starts flying? He visits all the major cities of the world before ultimately crash landing back in Tokyo. His rampage seems pretty aimless.

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'Godzilla' returns to theaters in 2012
World News Magazine (blog)

Giant monster Godzilla is set to reach cinemas once again. Legendary Pictures has announced that they have caught the rights to create a new movie based on the emblematic figure of the Toho, the team with Warner Bros., which co-finance and co-produce the next project entitled “Godzilla.”

According to the press release, “Legendary proposed the approach of the film and its characters as authentically as possible.” The company also promises to announce a director to lead the next installment of the franchise in the near future, while film is scheduled for release in 2012.

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Honolulu-based JN Productions/Generation Kikaida is re-releasing their KAMEN RIDER V3 DVD Box Set on May 18! This is one of the DVD projects I had the pleasure of doing for JNP/Generation Kikaida over the last decade (including KIKAIDA and INAZUMAN) released in 2005, and it's my all-time favorite superhero series from 1970s. We really went overboard with the extras on this set: I wrote detailed behind-the-scenes factoids (including biographies on all of the Guest Stars and Production Staff), two essays on the series, two complete sets of English Subtitles (one for children and the other for adults), and 71 Character Profiles (with sound bytes)! The set also boasts an exclusive interview with star Hiroshi Miyauchi, six Karaoke Music Videos, and much, much more!

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Burbank, CA – March 29, 2010 – Legendary Pictures announced today that they will develop and produce a new film based on Toho Company’s famed GODZILLA character. Through the terms of the agreement, Legendary Pictures has acquired the rights to produce a movie inspired by Toho’s Godzilla, a franchise the Japanese company created and has nurtured for over fifty years.

Toho’s GODZILLA franchise boasts one of the most widely recognized film creatures worldwide, resulting in a series of books, television programs, video games and more than 25 films worldwide. Legendary intends to approach the film and its characters in the most authentic manner possible. The company will, in the near future, announce a filmmaker to helm the film for an intended 2012 release. The film will fall under the company’s co-production and co-financing deal with Warner Bros. Toho will distribute the film in Japan."

"Godzilla" is coming back -- this time, with Legendary Pictures taking the lead, co-producing and co-financing with Warner Bros. for release in 2012.

Legendary announced Monday it had obtained rights to the iconic monster character from Japan's Toho Co., which has overseen more than 25 "Godzilla" films. Toho will release the pic in Japan.

Legendary said it's planning to announce a director shortly.

In addition to Legendary, producers on the new film will be Dan Lin, Roy Lee and Brian Rogers. Yoshimitsu Banno, Kenji Okuhira and Doug Davison will exec produce.

"Godzilla is one of the world's most powerful pop culture icons, and we at Legendary are thrilled to be able to create a modern epic based on this long-loved Toho franchise," said Thomas Tull, Chairman and CEO of Legendary. "Our plans are to produce the Godzilla that we, as fans, would want to see. We intend to do justice to those essential elements that have allowed this character to remain as pop-culturally relevant for as long as it has."

Legendary noted the film will fall under its co-production and co-financing deal with Warner Bros. Legendary's productions with Warners have included "The Dark Knight," "300" and "The Hangover."

Speculation about a new "Godzilla" has been active since last summer. The Bloody Disgusting web site reported in August that the project was in development.